5th gen camaro differential installation kit for the Mazda Rx8

5th gen camaro differential installation kit for the Mazda Rx8


This kit is designed to locate 5th generation camaro differentials into the Mazda Rx8 without any welding and a very simple, straight forward installation. The 5th generation camaro differential is a limited slip 8.6" 10-bolt GM unit offered in three OEM ratios and many aftermarket ratios to choose from. A robust ring and pinion along with a die-cast aluminum housing are used for increased strength, reduced weight, and superior cooling properties. This units are very abundant and affordable.This kit is designed with the customer in mind. Installation is extremely easy and every component you need for this differential swap is included.

DO NOT USE v6 automatic transmission differentials

3.27 ratio 2010-2015 v6 manual transmission/ 2010-2015 v8 automatic transmission

3.45 ratio 2010-2015 v8 manual transmission

3.92 ratio 2010-2015 v8 manual transmission 1LE track package


Structural Differential Cover

• This differential cover starts its life as a 47 lb aluminum slab and is whittled down to a meer 6.4 lbs on our 4 axis machining center. It allows for direct mating to the Rx8 crossmember brackets just as the OEM differential did, so there is no guess work on location or the hassle of welding on brackets. Integrated heat sinks allow for efficient heat dissipation. The cover includes in-house casted 60a poly urethane bushings, aluminum pins, 4 new mounting bolts (reuse exisiting cover bolts), and a spring loaded breather.

Front Mount Assembly

• The front mount assembly consists of two machined components which allow for very simple installation. After the rear is mounted in place, simply swing the front assembly upwards until both dowel pins touch the crossmember, clamp together, drill 5 holes, and locate the assembly with our included hardware. We supply a 70a polyurethane bushing to replace the front OEM compliance bushing to reduce differential movement.

Custom CV Axles

• We start with OEM camaro cv axles which are broken down to bare shafts, cut, and splined to our specification. We then use your supplied outer Rx8 joints with new cv boots, hi-temp grease, and stainless band clamps to complete these custom axles.

• You can also upgrade to The Driveshaft Shop custom CV axles for an additional price and lead time.

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