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Welcome To keisler automation

Our site is under construction. Please email us via the contact page with any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Our Past

Here you will see what brought Keisler Automation to life. Engineering, Design, Fabrication, and CNC production jump started the Keisler Automation brand in 2014. Our prized products are the in house designed and manufactured Mazda Miata drop spindles that revolutionized the Miata’s suspension geometry. Not only have we built a strong following of loyal customers, but we have also built a convincing stack of data helping the weekend and professional racer shave significant amounts of time off their laps.



Our now

Here you will see the future of Keisler Automation. You can find individual component’s designed for the LFX Totality Swap as well as our Sprinter Van swap and 4 Runner swap kits. We have engineered and tested these components to withstand the harshest conditions. Whether those conditions are on the track, in the mountains, in your fleet, or in your daily commute to work, you can drive with confidence for years to come.


The engine bay looks like it came straight from Mazda’s factory.
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quality is proven

May 11th 2018 we took the 1st rx-8 with the lfx totality swap installed from Tn-CA on a 6,800 Mi. round trip.


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