Complete NA/NB Modular Spherical Bearing Kit with installation

Complete NA/NB Modular Spherical Bearing Kit with installation

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Complete NA/NB Modular Spherical bearing kit consisting of 22 units totaling 154 components with installation. This spherical bearing kit is the best bang for the buck modification that can be done to the NA-NB Miatas suspension after coilovers. Eliminating lost motion in the suspension caused by rubber deflection will yield more consistent camber curves and contact between the vehicle’s tire and road surface.

The spherical bearings are easily serviceable and very affordable to replace ($120.00 for all 22 bearings)


We ONLY offer in-house installation for spherical bearings. Here is why:

1. We have jigs built to eliminate the risk of bending control arms while removing the OEM bushing

2. The OEM control arm bores hold very poor tolerances. We bore these holes out .003-.008" to fit our slightly over sized spherical bearing bodies.

3. A different installation procedure is required for the locations where the Mazda's long bolts are used. Unlike all other locations on the chassis, when securing the long bolt, both bushings and center sections are pulled into one secured assembly. The center section on the front of the chassis is part of the crossmember. The center section in the rear of the chassis is the spindle. If there is any space between the OEM compliance bushing sleeves and the center section, the bushings will deflect when tightening the long bolt. If the same space is present with spherical assemblies, the control arm will deflect when tightening the long bolt. This will also put a large amount of axial preload on the spherical bearings, which is bad. Depending upon the rigidity of the control arm, even a 1/32" deflection could place more axial preload on the bearings than they are rated for. This is why Keisler Automation has developed a spherical bearing assembly that offers finite axial adjustability; which to our knowledge is the first of its kind.


Provide us with overly secure packaging when sending in your control arms/ rear spindles. We don't want a box to arrive with an arm sticking halfway out!

Provide a return shipping label in the box

Provide all control arm bushing mounting hardware installed through the OEM bushings

Installation turn around time is typically 1-5 business days. Contact us for a more approximate schedule .


If purchasing less than a full set, select the singular option and increase the quantity to your desire.

****Assemblies should be in stock by 10/1/2019**** Feel free to pre-order to secure your set.

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