LFX Investment Cast Elbows and Downpipes

LFX Investment Cast Elbows and Downpipes

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The LFX engine features integrated exhaust manifolds. For those that are not familiar- all 3 cylinders exhaust ports flow into a single rectangular port with large radius where it exits on each of the cylinder heads.

This design offers a bit of a issue for aftermarket exhausts, which I like to use the term "downpipe" as opposed to "header". The struggle is taking this odd shape and efficiently transforming into a cylinder to mount exhaust tubing to. The select few companies that make downpipes for this engine do it the lazy way. They take tubing and flatten it out via hammer or die and weld it to a flange. It works, it's cheap, it doesn't require much effort.

Our answer is investment casted downpipe adapters that have countless hours of flow simulation engineered into the perfect, free-flowing shape that these represent. Investment casted from 304 stainless steel with a machining operation to face the mating surface against the cylinder head and another machining operation that allows 2.5 OD tubing to slide into the other end for a seamless weld. Finally, the adapters are hand polished. This exhaust system will yield higher horsepower numbers than any option on the market.

Two variants are available.

Investment cast elbows with hardware + gaskets

Completed downpipes with hardware + gaskets and 2.5” V bands. Oxygen sensors are not included.

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