LFX Universal Wiring

LFX Universal Wiring

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We take all the hassle out of your custom LFX project's wiring. Supplied is:

Modified camaro LFX wiring harness. 

•We remove the proprietary chassis harness and fuse block plugs and install universal Delphi lever lock connectors that mate to our fuse block and interior harness assemblies. Other than these modified plugs, this harness is identical to an OEM 2012-2015 LFX camaro manual transmission engine harness.

Fuse block assembly.

•Our fuse block assembly mates directly into our engine wiring harness. This assembly controls power to the ECU and all engine components. We leave you 4 wires to connect to your custom project: 12v constant, 12v ACC, Starter trigger, and Ground. Connect 4 wires and you have a running engine, simple as that.

2 piece interior harness.

•This mates to the engine harness on one end and proceeds to a miniature 10-pin molex connector. This small connector will feed through your firewall and connect to the second half of the interior harness. The second half leads to a 6 pin plug that connects to a 2012-2015 v6 camaro accelerator pedal position sensor (throttle pedal) and ends with the OBD-2 data link connector along with a supplied amber LED check engine light.


• We can wire in a Flex Fuel sensor into the engine harness for an additional fee.

• You will need to purchase your supplied ECU from us separately.

• The Fuse block assembly does not control: Fuel, electric fans, or air conditioning. These items would need to be controlled separately.

• The LFX is a return-less fuel system that requires 50-60 psi of constant fuel pressure to the fuel rail/ direct injection pump.

•The ECU cannot properly control electric fans or air conditioning without camaro body control module in place. It is much easier and effective to control these features independently for a custom project.

Flex Fuel:
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